Robert Morris

A series of interpretive texts for Robert Morris: The Perceiving Body, curated by Jeffrey Weiss at the Mudam Luxembourg
Other contributors to the catalog include Caroline A. Jones and Simone Forti
On view February-April 2020

Beverly Buchanan, Thornton Dial, and the Gee’s Bend Quiltmakers

A review of the titular show at Andrew Edlin
October 2018 issue

Violet Dennison

A short essay on Violet Dennison’s seagrass installations
Published in the catalog for the New Museum Triennial, Songs for Sabotage
February 2018

Nairy Baghramian

A review of the artist’s show, “Dwindle Down,” at Marian Goodman
May 26, 2017

Eleanore Mikus

A review of the artist’s 1960s Tablets
March 3, 2017

Jack Burnham’s “Real Time”

An article on Burnham’s theory of sculpture as system c. 1967-69
Grey Room no. 65
Fall 2016

Joan Mitchell

Selections from the artist’s estate at Cheim & Read
November 18, 2016

Ed Moses

A review of the artist’s survey at Albertz Benda, curated by Barbara Rose
September 16, 2015

Meg Webster

A review of the artist’s show at Paula Cooper
June 3, 2016

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Victor Burgin

A review of two parallel shows
October 14, 2016

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Amie Siegel

A review of “The Spear in the Stone” at Simon Preston
May 13, 2016

Jean Tinguely

A review of the late artist’s kinetic objects at Gladstone
November 10, 2015

Dan Flavin, 2 Works

A piece that I wrote on “Dan Flavin, 2 Works,” installed this summer at 101 Spring St.
Thanks to David Zwirner and the Flavin Estate for lamps and images

Jack Tworkov

Selections from the artist’s estate at Alexander Gray
September 25, 2015

Larry Bell

A review of the artist’s “Standing Walls” installation at Chinati
July 11, 2015

Rosemarie Castoro

A review of the final show in the late artist’s loft at 151 Spring St.
A memorial of sorts to 1970s SoHo
September 30, 2015

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Suspended, somewhere in New Jersey

A piece that I wrote for artist Carmen Winant’s book, My Life as a Man
On Tony Smith and the syntax of the turnpike
(Paratactic, punctuated, sublime)
May 2015

Erin Shirreff

A review of the artist’s show at Sikkema Jenkins
April 25, 2014

Lynn Hershman Leeson

A review of the artist’s show at Bridget Donahue (the gallery’s first)
February 27, 2015

Louise Nevelson

A review of the artist’s early (50s, 60s) collages at Pace
February 10, 2015

Jack Burnham

A video of my talk, “Jack Burnham’s ‘Real Time’: Sculpture as System, 1967-69″
An attempt to recover some of minimalism’s essential strangeness
IFA-Frick Symposium
April 2015

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Richard Nonas

A review of the artist’s retrospective (of sorts) at Fergus McCaffrey
Art in America
December 2014 issue

John Divola

A review of the photographer’s 1990 series, “Untitled,” at Wallspace
Art in America
December 2014 issue

Leonardo Drew

The mock-up of a catalog essay that I wrote, in the summer of 2013, for the Columbus College of Art and Design. Something of an artifact of my 23-year-old self (shades of Pollock and Greenberg, lots of adjectives).

Kiki Kogelnik

A review of the artist’s show at Simone Subal (cf. BwO)
November 14, 2014

Daniel Gordon

A review of the artist’s show at Wallspace
November 14, 2014

Specific, Illusory

A longish piece on David Haxton’s mid-1970s films
Art in America
October 2014 issue

Gina Beavers

A review of the artist’s show, “Re-Animator,” at Clifton Benevento
September 26, 2014

Sarah Charlesworth

A review of the late artist’s series, “Objects of Desire,” 1983-88, at Maccarone
Art in America
September 2014 issue

Lygia Clark

A review of the artist’s retrospective at MoMA
Art in America
September 2014 issue

Konrad Lueg

A review of the artist-gallerist’s fall show at Greene Naftali
Art in America
February 2014 issue

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Nancy Grossman

A review of the artist’s late-60s assemblages at Michael Rosenfeld
June 12, 2014

Luke Stettner

A review of the artist’s show at Kate Werble
Art in America
June 2014 issue (scan TK)

Sherrie Levine

Levine takes on the monochrome, Rodchenko at Paula Cooper
May 7, 2014

Jennifer Paige Cohen

A review of the artist’s first solo show at Nicelle Beauchene
November 3, 2014

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Sam Lewitt

The record of a studio visit
Art in America
April 2014 issue

Matthew Porter

A review of the artist’s abstract photographs at Invisible-Exports
April 4, 2014

Phanos Kyriacou

A review of the Cypriot artist’s New York debut at Maccarone
Art in America
March 2014 issue

Julien Bismuth

A review of the artist’s v. thoughtful show at Simone Subal
January 31, 2014

Bausch by Akerman

A review of Chantal Akerman’s 1983 documentary, Un jour Pina m’a demandé, screening as part of Lincoln Center’s “Dance on Camera” series
January 30, 2014

Aaron Flint Jamison

A review of the artist’s fall show at Artists Space
Art in America
January 2014 issue

Elaine Reichek

A review of the artist’s “précis” at Zach Feuer
December 12, 2013

Eileen Quinlan

A review of the artist’s show, “Curtains,” at Miguel Abreu
November 18, 2013

Leslie Hewitt

A review of the artist’s show at Sikkema Jenkins
Art in America
November 2013 issue

Ernie Gehr

Thoughts on two late Ernie Gehr films, screening tonight at Light Industry
October 8, 2013

Parasitic Gaps

A review of “Parasitic Gaps” at Team Gallery
September 14, 2013

Wolfgang Tillmans

A review of Tillmans’ summer show, “From Neue Welt”
Art in America
September 2013 issue

Kristin Lucas

“In the Studio” with the artist
Art in America
September 2013 issue

Robert Irwin

A review of Irwin’s Scrim Veil at the Whitney
August 22, 2013


Thoughts on Agnes Martin’s foray into 16mm, now in a lush new print, courtesy of MoMA and Pace
August 9, 2013

Chantal Akerman

Thoughts on Akerman’s video installation, Maniac Shadows, recently at the Kitchen
Film Comment
July/August 2013 issue


Thoughts on Anthony McCall and Andrew Tyndall’s 1978 film
July 1, 2013

Zilia Sánchez

A review of Zilia Sánchez’s survey at Artists Space, her first stateside
June 5, 2013

Frozen Lakes

A review of “Frozen Lakes” at Artists Space
Art in America
June/July 2013 issue

Michele Abeles

A review of the artist’s show at 47 Canal
May 5, 2013

Conceptual art, Conceptual poetry

A review of Triple Canopy’s latest book, Corrected Slogans
The Brooklyn Rail
May 2013 issue

Louise Bourgeois @ FIAF

A review of three filmic portraits of the artist by Brigitte Cornand
April 19, 2013

Joel Shapiro

A review of Joel Shapiro’s early Process work
March 19, 2013

“do it” at the New Museum

Thoughts on a Saturday afternoon conversation
Art in
March 5, 2013

Gaylen Gerber

A review of Gaylen Gerber at Wallspace
January 30, 2013

White Columns Annual

An interview with the Annual’s curator, Richard Birkett
Art in
January 25, 2013

Amalia Pica

An interview with the artist, a genuinely lovely person
Art in
April 12, 2013

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A review of Ron Fricke’s New Age nature film, Baraka
December 21, 2012

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Leslie Hewitt

An edited interview with artist Leslie Hewitt
December 15, 2012

Q+A with Zoe Leonard

An interview with photographer Zoe Leonard
Art in
November 6, 2012

Leonardo Drew

A review of Leonardo Drew at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.
September 25, 2012

Barbara Kasten

An interview with abstract photographer Barbara Kasten
Art in
July 27, 2012

Annette Messager

A review of Annette Messager at Marian Goodman
July 24, 2012

Mark Dion

A review of Mark Dion at the Explorers Club
July 24, 2012

Q+A with Tauba Auerbach

An interview with artist Tauba Auerbach
Art in
June 21, 2012

Lara Favaretto

An edited interview with artist Lara Favaretto
June 6, 2012

Tauba Auerbach

A review of Tauba Auerbach at Paula Cooper
May 18, 2012

Anne Collier

A review of Anne Collier at Anton Kern
April 21, 2012

Agnes Martin

A review of Dia Art Foundation’s Agnes Martin
The Brooklyn Rail
April 2012 issue

Tom Burr

A review of Tom Burr at Bortolami
March 26, 2012

Emma Goldman

A review of Vivian Gornick’s Emma Goldman
The Brooklyn Rail
February 2012 issue

Michael Snow

A review of Michael Snow at Jack Shainman
January 27, 2012

Zak Prekop

A review of Zak Prekop at Harris Lieberman
March 6, 2012

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Ha Jin

My interview with author Ha Jin
December 16, 2011

Laurel Nakadate

A review of Laurel Nakadate at the Carpenter Center
December 9, 2011

A Summer Place

A review of Céline Sciamma’s Tomboy
November 28, 2011

Playing with Tennis

A curated list of books on tennis moments in literature
November 3, 2011

Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow

A review of Sophie Fiennes’ eponymous film
September 12, 2011